The Cloudspotter’s Guide

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We see clouds nearly everyday, especially here in Britain. They float in the sky above us and sometimes block out the Sun. Sometimes clouds are white and puffy. Sometimes they are dark and cover the entire sky. Different kinds of clouds can mean different kinds of weather.

Meteorologists study the formation and make up of clouds to understand the weather better and if we want to better understand our amazing planet, clouds are a great place to start. I created this cloud resource for the Beach School, however, I thought it would be perfect for us all during these ‘stay at home’ times because you can cloud spot in your garden or even just out of your window.

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This guide is perfect to explore the wonders of our cloudy skies. It’s a great resource to add to your nature study. You can cloud spot almost anywhere in your garden or even just out of your window.

This 5 page PDF file includes:

– a printable cloud observation window

– a guide to 9 types of common cloud and what they mean

– ideas for games to extend the learning and mindfulness prompts.

The Cloudspotter’s Guide is available as a digital download through our Learning Resources shop

Simply print, cut out the central window and hold it up to the sky. We like to attach lollypop sticks to the bottom too, but it works very well without.

I hope you can share pictures with me on facebook and instagram (@holdfastbeachschool) of you using it and I really hope you enjoy it.

You will also be amazed what scientific terms small children manage to learn through playful nature connection.

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