Kit List


“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing….”

– Alfred Wainwright 

Beach School happens in (nearly) all weather conditions. We will put an update with a weather forecast via our Facebook page the day before a session, so please make sure you are following our page and check it before you head out. All our participants (adults and children) need to ensure they are protected from the elements, so everyone has the best possible time outdoors.

So we recommend that everyone brings and wears:

  • A sun hat and sun cream
  • A woolly hat – to protect your ears from sea breezes
  • Good quality waterproofs – coat and trousers or all-in-one suit – we particularly recommend the dungarees-style trousers that can be worn all year round.
  • In the Summer – shorts for rockpooling
  • In the Spring, Autumn and Winter – comfortable trousers (like jogging bottoms or leggings)
  • Long sleeved t-shirts or tops
  • Thick jumpers
  • Fleecy zip up jackets or warm coats
  • In the Spring and Summer – neoprene beach shoes or old trainers for rockpooling
  • In the Autumn and Winter – Wellies / sturdy closed toe shoes (we absolutely love neoprene-lined Warm Wellies – use our discount code LGB10 to get 10% off)
  • A spare change of clothing – including shoes and socks if you are going rockpooling
  • A bag to put wet or dirty clothes in.

Layering is essential, especially in the winter. In particularly cold weather we recommend using the mantra “warm head, heart, hands and feet” as these are the parts of the body that feel the cold the most. Please layer up – it’s better to take extra layers off than to try and put more on when you are cold.

If you are worried about getting any of the kit – we do have a very limited number of items to loan out. Please contact Rachel and we’ll see if we have anything that fits.

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